Six-Degrees of Jersey Boys and Girls

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Cause Support To Date

  • HALO Trust
    • 27%
    • 30%
  • Am. Cancer Soc.
    • 50%
    • 70%
Over all
This Story-Net

I'm looking to connect with anyone who grew up in New Jersey who doesn't live there any more but still remembers the good old days.

Type: A 'Six Degrees' StoryNet - A special-case 'Grow Chain' using a prepaid multi-drop rechargable token that is passed from balmer to balmee.

Created by: Jerry Garcia

Started: August 07, 2011

Causes supported: The HALO Trust and American Cancer Society

Eleven players to date including: Jerry Garcia, Ben Stein, Jerry Stein, Maria Stein, Maria Davis, Ben Garcia, Ben Davis, Annie Garcia, Annie Sato, Ben 'RappaMan' Sato and Annie Lennox

There are three Six-Degrees Prepaid Tokens in this game. All tokens in this game are active with a positive balance in their Drop Counters.

Six-Degrees Token Scoreboard
Token IDStarted byTotal Degrees
Drop Counter
1Jerry Garcia51:12
2Jerry Stein31:25
3Maria Davis24